26 August 2020

Trevithick! (2016)

‘Trevithick!’ starring Kernow King and Mary Woodvine. Written by Edward Rowe, directed by Simon Harvey. A biographical comedy, this is the true story of a man who was as much artist and magician as he was an engineer – one of Cornwall’s, and the Industrial Revolution’s, greatest sons.

It accurately brings to the stage the story of a man who was so dedicated and obsessed by engineering, he left his family in Cornwall whilst he mined in South America for eleven years.

Born in Tregajorran in Cornwall, Richard Trevithick revolutionised the use of steam as a successful and profitable means of energy, much to the annoyance of his rivals.  Industrial developments were rife with competition, fear, accidents and death  in 1800 Great Britain, but it was Trevithick's passion and genius that led to steam power being put on rails and roads- the first trains and cars.  Although it was never easy.