Visiting the World Heritage Site

Vysytya an TEB

The Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape World Heritage Site welcomes all kinds of visitors. Whether you are researching your family history, hunting engineering heritage, riding your bike along the mineral tramways, are a member of the Diaspora coming to visit your homeland, or are any other kind of visitor, we welcome you to our beautiful home.

Any visitor to the World Heritage Site should be aware this is a living landscape; communities live and work here and we would ask all visitors to be respectful and appreciative of this. The rich culture and communities are what makes Cornwall and Devon such special places to visit. You can find guidance on visiting the local areas via the Tourist Information Centres and also Visit Cornwall for guidance on where to stay and what to do when visiting Cornwall and Visit Devon when visiting Devon.

Follow the links below to explore the Visit Cornwall and Visit Devon websites;

Visit Cornwall

Visit Devon 

Tips when visiting;

  • When exploring the World Heritage Site help us to care for it by following the Countryside Code and taking all litter away with you. You can find the Country Side Code via the link below;
  • Checking sites such as the Bodmin Moor Commons Council and landowners such as the National Trust before visiting sites can help us all to understand what we can and cannot do when visiting and how to enjoy the landscape to the fullest. You can visit the Bodmin Moor Commons Council website via the link below;
  • Ensure when you are walking or driving through the landscape you are aware of roaming wildlife and livestock. Areas such as Bodmin Moor and West Penwith have roaming animals which can be vulnerable to disturbance and collisions with vehicles.
  • Don't forget to take lots of photos and tag us on social media, we love to see you enjoying the World Heritage Site!

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