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Below are some opportunities to support the World Heritage Site

Become a ‘Tributer’!

The name of our membership scheme is inspired by the Cornish mining system of payment where ‘Tributers’ would bid for a plot to work underground known as a ‘pitch’. To be successful it was essential that the Tributers worked well together, and it is with this spirit of partnership in mind that we encourage you to join our membership scheme.

Priced at £24 for a year’s ‘Tribute’ (or membership), you will be sharing in the continued preservation and presentation of the globally important mining landscape. As a thank you we have created a special Tributers' Area with exclusive content to help you dig deeper into our mining heritage.

Please click on this link to find out more and become a Tributer - thank you.

Coming soon…

We intend to expand on opportunities to get involved and help us with our valuable work. Please keep an eye out for new opportunities coming soon!

Thank you for your support.