What is a World Heritage Site and what makes it special?


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About the World Heritage Site

Explore what World Heritage Site (WHS) status is and why our Cornwall and west Devon mining landscapes have this globally important designation.
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Prince of Wales Shaft engine house - Ainsley Cocks

Mining in Cornwall and west Devon

Dig deeper in this section to find out more about the geology, people, technology and features that created and comprise the globally important Cornwall and west Devon mining landscapes.
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Geevor Mine Shaft Kibble - Ainsley Cocks


Explore some of our education projects, images and learning materials. The Cornish Mining World Heritage Site Office works to support education for not only schools and young people but also adult learning.  
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Pupils Playing Cornish Caretakers Board Game


Find out the latest news from the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape World Heritage Site.
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The Tributer Winter 2022 Newsletter


Explore a small selection of our past events which help raise awareness of our World Heritage Site, transmit the importance of the Site to future generations, and deliver outreach into local and global communities.
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