25 August 2020

Cornish Mining World Heritage Site launches brand new website with membership

Tyller ertach an bys balweyth kernewek a lonch gwiasva nowydh flamm ha gensi eseleth

The Cornish Mining World Heritage Site Office have launched their brand new website after 12 months of planning. 

The Cornish Mining team embarked on an extensive procurement process almost 12 months ago seeing companies from all over the UK bid for the opportunity to develop their brand new website, but it was Cornish Company Buzz interactive, based in Newquay who won out with their exciting ideas to fulfil the requirements and passion for the subject matter. 

The Cornish Mining World Heritage Site Office (CMWHS) has worked closely with Buzz Interactive since the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown - dealing with re-deployment to Covid response and remote meetings and communications - to get a fresh and engaging website which fulfils a number of objectives of the World Heritage Site.

One of the main new features is a paid membership area for those who would like to take an extra step to support the WHS. The membership area offers special photography, research, and newsletter access, with the intention to develop this to include opportunities for the members to get out into the landscape to physically help the small WHS team to protect and conserve the WHS.

The WHS Office team and Partnership Board thank our funding partners - Cornwall Council, West Devon Borough Council and Devon County Council - and are proud to welcome everyone to the new website and all it has to offer - enjoy!