Heritage Impact Assessments (HIA) – what should these consider?

To complete a successful Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) for your project site, several factors need to be considered. Physical alterations to an Attribute of OUV, for example, is of potential concern, along with any visual impacts resulting from the development which may affect the visual character of the settlement (town/village) or landscape where the development site is located. The disruption of views of Attributes, or of views between Attributes that are connected functionally, can be an issue, for example where sites are connected by a former mineral railway or tramroad, or where a mining settlement has developed to house workers at a nearby mine.

A development project may also offer potential improvements and benefits to Attributes, in some instances, which may better reveal the importance of these within the WHS. All such improvements should be fully described within an HIA if any are proposed.

To help you consider the above, there is a simple WHS Development Impact Checklist that can be used to help quickly establish whether your development will have an impact upon the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site (WHS). It is intended that the Checklist will help you to quickly identify the potential impacts of your development project and if you will need to employ a professional to produce a Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA).